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21st-Apr-2009 09:54 am - Things seem brighter.
I've been doing very well lately, both health and otherwise. I've made many friends since the move, something I'd had my doubts about, and I'm eternally grateful to how wonderful everyone around me has been. I've also been finding games I'm interested in, which I'd feared I'd lost my touch with. My art, as well, seems to be revitalized, though I'd never had much talent to begin with. The inky swirls crawling up the sides of my notes tangle up, wildly, as if reaching for a light of hope I finally see.
4th-Sep-2008 01:57 pm - Wow it sure has been a long time...
I'm sorry, I was really depressed. Hmm... I guess I'm not apologizing here, since no one knows me on LJ. But I feel bad anyway.

I can't go into all I've suffered, and I'm sure most people suffer more than me on a regular basis than I had in this brief period of time, which is a weird thought. Does anyone else think this, think how you should feel how lucky you are by thinking about others are more unfortunate? Because whenever I do that I just feel worse, like how dare I have ever felt bad at all, and I'm overwhelmed with how sad I feel for everyone else. It's stupid because I'm sad for people I don't even know, like hypothetical sadness.

As you can see I'm a mess, lol. Oh well. Maybe I will try and make new friends on LJ since I'm not really connected to any of my other internet friends after I abandoned the internet world for my own self loathing.
5th-Jan-2006 11:51 pm - First real entry.
I was talking with a friend today on IRC for a few hours and wasted a lot of time I should have been using to work on pictures or work on my story. Writing fiction, or even fanfics, is harder than it used to be for me with work and school. Still, it's fun to keep up with it when I have the time and I try and make the time, especially when I get really stressed. I hated highschool so much, but there was a lot of good in being able to have all that free time. I mean, it didn't FEEL like free time, but I guess it really was. It's so difficult to imagine hanging out with my friends and just doing SO MUCH I was able to fit in a day as few as 5 years ago. I guess it's sort of cliche to say it, though, and I am at the same time really glad to be rid of those days.

It's late right now and I'm not tired, though I guess I'd better get back on schedule while it's not painful to or it will be 7 AM and I'll be wondering if I should nap for an hour or just stay up and go to school. I guess that's not so bad, but it would be nice to be able to do something with my day.
4th-Jan-2006 07:56 am - Made a journal.
I dunno what to do or write about. Hmm! What do I do first?

I just added the only people I could find who have connections to IRC stuff. Maybe I can find somewhere cool to go.

Waaa! Is anyone out there?
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